Webasto water- and airheaters

Spheros, Webasto, Eberspächer and Kalori

Contact us for the purchase, professional installation or repair of any Spheros, Webasto, Eberspächer and Kalori heater mounted in your coach, truck, van, car, RV or boat. Thanks to our very large supply we can keep repair times short and guarantee you a proper functioning of your heater.

Our team can work out the perfect solution depending on your needs.


Parking heaters for all types of vehicles can be installed or expanded if your car is already equipped with an OEM part.


Special additional water heaters to guarantee the comfort for both passengers and drivers.

Commercial vehicles

Water and air heaters for trucks, vans, priority and special vehicles such as flower- or foodtransports, and tank heaters.


Combined water and air heater for your motorhome. 1 device for both warm water and interior heating.

Spare parts

Thanks to our large supply of spare parts we can offer a fast and reliable service.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!


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